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WStudio Partners with Victoria’s Secret for Groundbreaking Ramadan Campaign in the GCC


Victoria’s Secret, a renowned lingerie brand from the USA, has selected us, WStudio, as their regional experts for a culturally sensitive project, aiming to launch their inaugural Ramadan campaign in the GCC. This marks their first outsourcing venture for a campaign shoot in the region, highlighting our credibility and expertise in GCC culture. We developed a creative concept seamlessly integrating Victoria’s Secret’s theme with cultural elements relevant to Ramadan, celebrating beauty and tradition while maintaining the brand’s identity.

Collaborating closely with Victoria’s Secret’s headquarters in the USA, we ensured effective communication and alignment with the brand’s vision. Ensuring authenticity in the campaign’s portrayal, we carefully selected cultural locations and coordinated with local talents. The process began with a meticulously crafted visual storyboard, guiding our team through every scene and detail. We then demonstrated technical and creative prowess in executing the campaign, capturing high-quality visuals with advanced equipment and techniques in lighting, composition, and post-production.

The campaign has received positive feedback from the target audience, effectively promoting Victoria’s Secret’s collection while respecting cultural sensitivities, solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner in the region.

"Victoria's Secret hails WStudio's seamless collaboration on our GCC Ramadan campaign, blending cultural sensitivity with creative expertise."

Victoria's Secret

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