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Having previously collaborated on several successful campaigns, ARADA approached WStudio, with the task of creating a groundbreaking campaign to launch ALJADA, one of their most ambitious undertakings yet. Spanning over 24 million square feet, boasting 25,000 residential units and four luxurious hotels, ALJADA set the stage for an unforgettable campaign.

Capturing Grandeur: Three Days of Intense Filming

Over the course of three intense days, our team, led by an international director, captured the grandeur of ALJADA. With a cast and professional filming crew exceeding 100 individuals, the project was a testament to our seamless coordination and unparalleled professionalism.

We, WStudio, oversee everything from creative direction, script writing, voice over recording, and music compositing, to location scouting, talent management, wardrobe and prop styling, color grading, post-production. This holistic approach ensured that every facet of the project was finely tuned to perfection. 

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