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Blending Beauty with Heritage: WStudio Infuses Arabic Culture into Kiko Milano’s Ramadan Campaign

As trusted partners, Kiko Milano, a prominent cosmetics brand, approached WStudio to break away from their traditional studio-based campaigns. With a history of successful collaborations spanning over six years, Kiko Milano entrusted WStudio to infuse Arabic cultural elements into their Ramadan campaign.

The objective was to celebrate Arabic culture while showcasing Kiko Milano’s products in diverse settings, resonating with local audiences. WStudio was tasked with designing a visually captivating campaign that blended Arabic calligraphy and cultural patterns, highlighting Kiko Milano’s commitment to cultural diversity.

Through close collaboration between WStudio and Kiko Milano’s marketing team, the campaign captured the essence of Ramadan and Eid while maintaining the brand’s identity. WStudio’s expertise in visual storytelling brought the campaign to life, featuring visually stunning designs that showcased Arabic heritage, including storyboard, wardrobe styling, and other production elements.

The campaign, showcased in specific Arabic cultural heritage locations , received widespread acclaim and engagement. It successfully differentiated Kiko Milano in the market while strengthening its connection with local consumers. The concept’s success in UAE and Saudi Arabia led to its implementation in an event, integrating the set and decor into the event space, as part of a 360 campaign strategy.

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