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WStudio Propels Hindash to Global Beauty Icon Status

Hindash, a local cosmetics brand, achieved global recognition with WStudio’s collaboration. Together, we propelled Hindash into the international spotlight, ensuring a successful launch of his debut product. Our aim was to enhance Hindash’s brand presence worldwide, positioning him as a leading figure in the cosmetics industry.

With our technical expertise in production, we crafted captivating content that resonated across different markets. The campaign exceeded expectations, going viral and gaining widespread recognition. The launch event, featured on Burj Khalifa and New York Times Square, cemented Hindash’s status as an international beauty icon.

Hindash expressed gratitude to WStudio for their instrumental role in his brand’s international expansion. Our partnership showcased the power of collaboration and strategic marketing in achieving global recognition and success leading to several subsequent partnerships and campaigns.

Hindash’s Make-Up Campaign

"Thanks to WStudio's collaboration, Hindash has soared to global recognition. Their technical prowess and strategic marketing catapulted our brand to international success, solidifying our position as a beauty industry leader."


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