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WStudio Delivers Award-Winning Case Studies for Google

Google approached WStudio to conduct approximately 10 case studies, including one focusing on Mercedes’ successful campaign and another on Abdel Jameel Latif’s viral impact as a Toyota dealer in KSA. Our team meticulously studied the briefs and handled the case studies shooting and production process, from scriptwriting to directing and filming on set. WStudio played a pivotal role in crafting these case studies, showcasing the impact and effectiveness of the campaigns. Notably, the case study on Abdel Jameel Latif’s campaign won the EFIS Award, further demonstrating our commitment to delivering high-quality content that drives meaningful results.

"Google entrusted WStudio with conducting 10 case studies, including one spotlighting Abdel Jameel Latif's impactful campaign. Their meticulous approach and commitment to quality resulted in award-winning content, showcasing the effectiveness of our campaigns."


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