What is a Studio?

A studio could be anything with a white space that has controlled lighting. The size of the studio doesn’t always matter. It’s a place where you shoot products from a diamond ring to a sports car. The basic elements of any studio are the equipment and lighting a space has to offer. These are merely the technical parts of a typical studio – Here at W Studio we are much more than that and go beyond the white walls and cliche expectations of a studio!

We offer more than just a space, where people use the right technology to enhance our space and go beyond our capabilities. There are thousands of ways to light up a space but we believe we have the experts to do it in the most precise way. We are about creative content, creating drama through props, backgrounds, shadows and more.

We care about hosting clients and making them feel at home – supporting clients and making them feel like we are in this together! We invest a lot in our stations and equipment and have an incredible team to do this. Everyone here has an input and a say in how and why we do this, our team sit here throughout our shoots to be involved in the process from the start. We pride ourselves in being a team that derives from diverse backgrounds of individuals who are creative, passionate and dedicated.


So who are we?

Hikmat Wehbi, founder and creator of W studio is a photography maven and the hero of this space. He drives the advancement of our progress and always ensures we work to the highest standards with the best type of technology. We like having the right formula between the clients and the team. Ultimately a right leader like this attracts the right kind of people to work in this space and drives them to strive for more.

We have a team of creative, fun and super dedicated multi tasker’s that love their job!

The team comprises of Directors of Photography, Account Directors’ who handle all clientele and Production Managers. In post production we have our post production gurus who retouch our photos and the geniuses who edit our videos, not to forget our Account and Office Assistant Pamela who we all cannot live without.

This is a place where we invite our clients to come in, meet with us, show them our work and see how we can work with each other by sharing their brand value thus creating something amazing together. Our objective is to get our clients closer to their market and targeted audience and community.